bad day #12 features james franco, peter saville, barbara kruger, erwin wurm, miranda july, pffr, william hundley, rolu, & julia text: bruce labruce, adam jackson, sheila heti, cathérine hug, juliana moore, glenn o’brien, adam o’reilly, & patrick parrish!              

Jan 10, 2012

update:  there’s something wrong with my blog and i can’t upload photos!  so, i’ll just change the date on an older post.  i’ve already posted about this but i want to direct you over to mondoblogo where you can read the full interview i did with patrick … aka mondo patrick aka p-dawg aka – read it!  always a pleasure talking with the master.

ps. hi jennilee!

so psyched for the new bad day magazine!   #12

rolu interviewed by patrick parrish / mondo blogo
photographed by cameron wittig.  we are honored. 
buy your copy here!  and have a bad day and …
please enjoy everything / everywhere in entirety. 
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goshka macuga has become internationally known for using institutional histories as staging grounds for complex proposals. for her first solo museum exhibition in the united states, the london-based polish artist seizes upon the walker’s financial underpi              

Jan 10, 2012

somehow missed goshka macuga chatting with curators peter eleey and bartholomew ryan about her exhibit it broke from within at the walker art center last year.

one of my favorite exhibits in recent memory.
please enjoy the time while it passes.
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along with an ever-growing public awareness for contemporary art comes an increased interest in architecture and design. as a result more and more young designers’ careers are being launched not in showrooms, but in galleries, and collectors commission…              

Jan 6, 2012

panel discussion at the museum of art and design next thursday (01/12/12)

psyched!  tix and details here.
four of my art/chitecure/design heroes.  totally honored to be a part of it!
please enjoy the blurry lines that exist everywhere today.
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these vesels, masks and sculptures utilize an old crafting technique in which rope or cord is coiled and stitched to forms bowls and baskets. the technique is itself based on the ancient method of making ceramic coiled pots as well as coiled basketry. the              

Jan 6, 2012

ropeworks / sash cord studies! been meaning to blog this forever. love!
visit the shop.
rolu / doug johnston collab coming in the future. awesomeness.
please enjoy the time while it is passing.
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i am not sure that i exist, actually. i am all the writers that i have read, all the people that i have met, all the women that i have loved; all the cities that i have visited, the art i’ve seen, my ancestors… i am not sure of anything, i know nothing.              

Jan 4, 2012

 untitled (to elizabeht and richard koshalek) – dan flavin
absolutely gorgeous early 70s walker art center pics that are a part of a great post called from the archives: 1971 and “everything that is farthest out in the current art scene” by our friend julie cagnilia.

slant, light, volume – robert irwin

the walker’s collections catalogue bits and pieces just today found a home in our library… (can’t really believe we didn’t already have it!) so you can expect us to spend a lot of time diggin in the crates in the coming weeks.
for me, more and more, the past becomes the present.

please enjoy the time while it passes (and comes back.)

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"digression is an essential part of creating. it’s like hiking — every path that opens up in front of you is a viable one until it’s not, and then you find another or retrace your steps. it’s a way of seeing more of the mountain." – various projects              

Dec 30, 2011

limited edition angora-covered Cappellini chairs
various projects (elizabeth beer and brian janusiak) made these beautiful and now, sadly poetic chairs as an extension of their collaborations with the late tobias wong.
short interview here at surface magazine.

more at elizabeth and brian’s retail space project no 8.
please enjoy the time as it passes.
and the digressions that create a new path, again and again and again…
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the pieces grew, conceptually, from rolu’s interest in a seth price essay décor holes. the forms are shapes extracted from early 70s drawings choreographer trisha brown made. up next? an ommu published book about rolu’s work designed by benjamin critton.              

Dec 23, 2011

we are super excited to announce a new project!  rolu 4 ommu
four new pieces of furniture.  commissioned by ommu in athens.
new rolu 4 ommu web site and two-sided poster (above) by benjamin critton!
poster released at miss read / kw institute for contemporary art berlin – download 
they’re available throughout europe and the u.s. 
our friend jonny programmed the site and we love it! but our favorite part?  jonny’s nine year old daughter elsa sits at the computer with the site open and spends hours dragging the shapes around the screen and creating assemblages. makes us super happy!
please enjoy the time while it passes…
afterall, it’s the lumber of life and the lake of our feelings.
and seasons greetings! i’ll be back sometime next week.
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research for a huge project (!) summer 2012: rauschenberg, merce cunningham, trisha brown, allan kaprow, francis alys, scott burton, louwrien wijers, franz erhard walther, guy de cointet, matthew stone interviews louwrien wijers… psyched!              

Dec 22, 2011

rauschenberg an interview with barbara rose

merce cunningham by germano celant, david vaughan, barbara frost and merce  cunningham

trisha brown: so that the audience does not know whether i have stopped dancing by phillip bither, peter eleey and trisha brown

childsplay: the art of allan kaprow by jeff kelley

the modern procession by francis alys, francesco pellizi, roselee goldberg, anne wehr, tom eckles and susan freedman
scott burton by brenda richardson

art meets science and spirituality in a changing economy by louwrien wijers

franz erhard walther arbeiten 1969-1976 by franz erhard walther

franz erhard walther out of print catalog from dia books

guy de cointet by Marie de Brugerolle
matthew stone interviews louwrien wijers
figured i’d follow up with a part two of yesterday’s post about new rolu library items.
i ran out of time scanning but, there are also seven books about joseph beuys. 
it’s all research for a super exciting project summer 2012.  
can’t wait to tell you!
please enjoy the time while it is passing by.
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originally published between 1965 and 1967, the great bear contributors were a who’s who of the sixties avant-garde: george brecht, john cage, al hansen, allan kaprow, claes oldenburg, nam jun paik, diter rot and emmett williams, were just but a few of th              

Dec 22, 2011

the boxed set the great bear pamphlet series arrived from ooga booga!
List of pamphlets
01. By Alison Knowles/Alison Knowles
02. A Book About Love & War & Death: Canto One/Dick Higgins
03. Chance-Imagery/George Brecht
04. Injun & Other Histories (1960)/Claes Oldenburg
05. Incomplete Requiem for W. C. Fields/Al Hansen
06. Ritual: A Book of Primitive Rites and Events/Jerome Rothenberg
07. Some Recent Happenings/Allan Kaprow
08. Manifestos/Includes work by Öyvind Fahlström, Robert Filliou, John
Giorno. Al Hansen, Dick Higgins, Allan Kaprow, Alison Knowles, Nam
June Paik, Diter Rot, Jerome Rothenberg, Wolf Vostell, Robert Watts and
Emmett Williams
09. Berlin and Phenomena/Wolf Vostell
10. The Twin Plays: Port-au-Prince & Adams County Illinois/Jackson Mac Low
11. Diary: Change the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)/John Cage
12. The Cursive Scandinavian Salve/ Bengt af Klintberg
13. Auto Biography/David Antin
14. Popular Entertainments/Philip Corner
15. A Filliou Sampler/Robert Filliou
16. Untitled Essays and Other Works/Allan Kaprow
17. A Look into the blue tide, part 2/Diter Rot
18. The Art of Noise/Luigi Russolo
19. The Last French-Fried Potato and Other Poems/Emmett Williams
20. A Zaj Sampler/ Contains work by Jose-Luis Castillejo, Ramiro Cortes,
Javier Martines Cuadrado, Juan Hidalgo, Walter Marchetti, Tomas Marco,
and Eugenio de Vicente
totally psyched.
please enjoy thinking about the ways in which the things you read change you.
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