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Jonathan Thomas: I thought maybe we could begin by discussing the interview as a form. You selected the interview as one of your primary modes of writing early on, initially as a journalistic tool when you were writing for Paris Lettres, Les Lettres françaises, and L’Etrave in the 1960s, but eventually the interview became a way for you to work outside of existing academic protocols and expectations after you landed a job teaching at Columbia University in 1972. You’ve said in the past that you’re interested in the interview’s literary and dramatic possibilities; you’ve produced book- length interviews with thinkers like Paul Virilio and Jean Baudrillard, and your 1984 interview with Dr. Jacques Latrémolière, the assistant psychiatrist who administered shock therapy to Antonin Artaud (and talked about God with him)…

Definitely go read the Sylvère Lotringer interview in the new issue of  The Third Rail. I was interviewed by Jonathan Thomas in the last issue and absolutely loved the experience. He also takes the form of the interview to great heights.

Please enjoy the time and space.