Kahn-Untitled-worms-bath-salts-2014-gesso-acrylic-and-ink-on-canvas-74.5-x-55.75-x-2.25-in.-189.23-x-141.61-x-5.72-cm-CNON-56.910Kahn-I’m-Gonna-Be-Big-2015-ink-on-paper-28-x-21-in.-71.12-x-53.34-cm-CNON-56.939Kahn-You-seem-sad-2012-ink-on-paper-11-x-15-in.-27.94-x-38.1-cm-CNON-56.890Kahn-Untitled-2015-oil-on-canvas-14.5-x-17-in.-36.83-x-43.18-cm-CNON-57.057The Stanya Kahn show Die Laughing at Marlborough Chelsea was maybe my favorite surprise of an afternoon spent seeing pretty much every show that is up right now. Loved the video and returned to the gallery at the end of the afternoon to watch it in its entirety and took a cab to the airport from there. Weird, funny, deep and open.

“Did you know a cardinal will fight with its own reflection in a window?”

pics via CAD

Please enjoy the time and space.