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Trix + Robert Haussmann book designed by Dan Solbach (pic above) for Fri Art-Centre d’art de Fribourg / Kunsthalle Freiburg, Fribourg 2015.

Discovered it on Void()… always a bewilderingly amazing and inspired piece of magic.

The exhibit includes this fantastic mirror installation…

-bip8414 -bip8425 -bip8740 -bip8745 -bip8787 -bip8736

Plus a bunch of their mirrors…

-bip8730 -bip8491 -bip8486 -bip8481

And a bunch of their furniture and object work.

-bip8724 -bip8474 -bip8467

Holy shit I love Robert and Trix Haussmann.

Please enjoy the time and space.