We’ve always loved the past. Especially now that it has been set free by the internet… released from the linear academic lens of time. Isn’t the past sorta culminating in the present? So, we want to linger back there again from the perspective of now. After all, everything is always changing all of the time… even the past.
I was digging through the RO/LU Blog archives and came across this project. Matt tells me this was everywhere when he first blogged about it back in 2008. So beautiful. Peaceful. Quiet. Wish I could call this home. 

This is as close as anything i’ve seen lately to what i’d build given the chance.  wow.

It’s a hotel designed by Norwegian firm Jensen & Skodvin called Juvet Landscape Hotel.

Named for French pop / disco star Patrick Juvet, the projects main financial investor.

Perfect huh?

Via below the clouds.

Originally posted by Matt Olson Nov 2008