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Wish I could see the Noam Rappaport show up at James Fuentes in NYC IRL. It’s only up for a few more days so chop chop if you can go and haven’t. It opened on my birthday and in hindsight I probably shoulda taken a trip to celebrate.

Noam was nice enough to share some pics and I like them all! The photos are ©Heather Rasmussen.

This is the sort of thing that makes me miss blogging. I see work that causes me to to email someone and then the next thing you know…

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Here’s an excerpt from the gallery’s press release if you’re in the mood for something more formal.

In the exhibition, Rappaport continues his focus on wall-based works that operate between painting, sculpture and drawing. Using a palette drawn from the constantly regenerating constructed landscape of Southern California, his application of color varies in saturation and ranges from subtle landscape influenced tones, to high-pitched hues of popular graphics. The predominant format of the works explores two or more merged rectangles. In the larger shaped canvases, the meeting of these two geometric forms – perhaps each suggesting figures, ideas or elements of landscape – create an opportunity for the artist to interpret the space where these forms overlap. Rappaport uses this framework to investigate the ‘in-between’ areas of his compositions, occupying them with cut-outs, raised graphic lines, nebulous rings, marks in relief, hard-edged rectangles and collected strokes varying from incidental to semi-purposeful. Painted or sculpted forms, placed at the meeting points of the rectangles, embody the idea of potential in a point of encounter.

Please enjoy the time and space.