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Listening to Manifest by Little Tornadoes over and over.  (thx Mary) But am even more excited by the text that accompanies the song

We want to be able to be inspired, contemplate beauty, achieve excellence and enjoy life to the fullest.
But we are governed by an exploitative economic system which is keeping this from happening.
It thrives through our competitiveness, our selfishness, and our egocentrism.
Under this system the planet is being destroyed as the commodity of a guarded elite; Public resources are being privatized to benefit the few.
The illusion that success is about accumulating wealth rather than reaching deep knowledge of the self has been successfully planted in our psyche.
In this greed-driven economy we feel isolated, fearful, envious and suspicious of one-another.
Where is our sense of purpose? Where is our connection to nature?
The true revolution is of the self. It is about taking responsibility for what we are as indivduals, what we do and what we say; it is also about harmonizing our visions to build the best society for the most.
Being my best is not a competition to defeat the other. I recognize the need for harmony between people, and treat the other as I would like to be treated..
In order to have a high quality of life, a life affirming society which encourages cooperation between people is necessary.
Our economic and financial system should be based upon the understanding that cultures, ideas, work, health and territory are the true wealth, not money.
The plundering of resources, the exploitation of people and militaristic violence benefits only a corrupt minority.
Is deregulated capitalism really in our interest?
Enough of working and paying for the lavish perks of the few!
We aspire to build a popular movement for the redrafting and democratization of our financial system.
The people should refuse to pay for the abuses of the unnecessary financial elite.
To understand and enjoy life to it’s fullest, is the right of everyone.

It reminds me of David Bohm and his participation here.

I can’t remember where the image came from.  Sitting on my desktop for awhile.

Please enjoy the time and space.