kind of obsessed with roberto cuoghi, especially this work…
“In an attempt to reverse the natural progression of time, he assumed the appearance of his father who, shortly after, became seriously ill. Cuoghi gained six and a half stone, dyed his hair white, grew a long beard, and dressed and acted like his father. Within a few weeks, the artist had transformed himself into an old man: the numbers had been inverted, time accelerated. Neither a performance nor a disguise, Cuoghi maintained his new persona for several years, in an ambiguous struggle between fiction and reality. Although it generated no further art works, news of Cuoghi’s attempt to ‘life-share’, to duplicate and consequently prolong another existence, spread by word of mouth until it passed into art-world lore. Cuoghi’s imitation survived the original, but his body paid a high inheritance tax: when his father passed away, the artist started to reverse the premature aging, but the stress to which he had subjected himself over the years rendered the process extremely slow and painful, even necessitating some surgical operations.”
maybe what draws me to him is a “notion of constant transformation and change, the hybridization of forms and identities.”  reminds me of what cage and many others point out “everything is always changing all the time.”  there’s also this word the mono-ha artists used ” jokyō” which means everything… rather than signifying a certain condition or state embodies a a holistic view of the world. It encompasses not only the sign, concept, epistemology, and Buddhist theology, but also temporality and spatiality.
makes me happy.
quotes via frieze and i discovered Cuoghi’s work via peter eleey in this talk.
please enjoy the jokyō.
posted by matt olson