between the photos of primary colors in the last post about fort standard‘s blocks…’s amazing post about the ellsworth kelly paper printed up in germany…
and the article in last sunday’s ny times about ellsworth kelly…
how could i not share these amazing pieces by marine huggonier?
“In david Bohm’s view, all the separate objects, entities, structures, and events in the visible or explicate world around us are relatively autonomous, stable, and temporary “subtotalities” derived from a deeper, implicate order of unbroken wholeness. Bohm gives the analogy of a flowing stream:

On this stream, one may see an ever-changing pattern of vortices, ripples, waves, splashes, etc., which evidently have no independent existence as such. Rather, they are abstracted from the flowing movement, arising and vanishing in the total process of the flow. Such transitory subsistence as may be possessed by these abstracted forms implies only a relative independence or autonomy of behaviour, rather than absolutely independent existence as ultimate substances.

so please enjoy the visual and philosophical connections you make today.
and go from fragmentation to wholeness.
posted by matt olson