(chemistry), material remaining after a distillation or an evaporation, or portion of a larger molecule – In particular, in biology, often refers specifically to an amino acid
(law), portion of the testator’s estate that is not specifically devised to someone
(complex analysis), mathematics, complex number describing the behavior of line integrals of a meromorphic function around a singularity
(agricultural), Crop residue, materials left after agricultural processes
(relatioship), lingering feelings occurring after the commencement of a relationship often brought about by the unwillingness of one party to let go which can lead to sporadic emotional discharges.
Residue may also be: a) The remainder in modular arithmetic b) The heavier fractions of crude oil that fail to vaporize in an oil refinery
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or is everything the residue of time?
please enjoy the time while it is passing by.
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