rauschenberg an interview with barbara rose

merce cunningham by germano celant, david vaughan, barbara frost and merce  cunningham

trisha brown: so that the audience does not know whether i have stopped dancing by phillip bither, peter eleey and trisha brown

childsplay: the art of allan kaprow by jeff kelley

the modern procession by francis alys, francesco pellizi, roselee goldberg, anne wehr, tom eckles and susan freedman
scott burton by brenda richardson

art meets science and spirituality in a changing economy by louwrien wijers

franz erhard walther arbeiten 1969-1976 by franz erhard walther

franz erhard walther out of print catalog from dia books

guy de cointet by Marie de Brugerolle
matthew stone interviews louwrien wijers
figured i’d follow up with a part two of yesterday’s post about new rolu library items.
i ran out of time scanning but, there are also seven books about joseph beuys. 
it’s all research for a super exciting project summer 2012.  
can’t wait to tell you!
please enjoy the time while it is passing by.
posted by matt olson