the boxed set the great bear pamphlet series arrived from ooga booga!
List of pamphlets
01. By Alison Knowles/Alison Knowles
02. A Book About Love & War & Death: Canto One/Dick Higgins
03. Chance-Imagery/George Brecht
04. Injun & Other Histories (1960)/Claes Oldenburg
05. Incomplete Requiem for W. C. Fields/Al Hansen
06. Ritual: A Book of Primitive Rites and Events/Jerome Rothenberg
07. Some Recent Happenings/Allan Kaprow
08. Manifestos/Includes work by Öyvind Fahlström, Robert Filliou, John
Giorno. Al Hansen, Dick Higgins, Allan Kaprow, Alison Knowles, Nam
June Paik, Diter Rot, Jerome Rothenberg, Wolf Vostell, Robert Watts and
Emmett Williams
09. Berlin and Phenomena/Wolf Vostell
10. The Twin Plays: Port-au-Prince & Adams County Illinois/Jackson Mac Low
11. Diary: Change the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)/John Cage
12. The Cursive Scandinavian Salve/ Bengt af Klintberg
13. Auto Biography/David Antin
14. Popular Entertainments/Philip Corner
15. A Filliou Sampler/Robert Filliou
16. Untitled Essays and Other Works/Allan Kaprow
17. A Look into the blue tide, part 2/Diter Rot
18. The Art of Noise/Luigi Russolo
19. The Last French-Fried Potato and Other Poems/Emmett Williams
20. A Zaj Sampler/ Contains work by Jose-Luis Castillejo, Ramiro Cortes,
Javier Martines Cuadrado, Juan Hidalgo, Walter Marchetti, Tomas Marco,
and Eugenio de Vicente
totally psyched.
please enjoy thinking about the ways in which the things you read change you.
posted by matt olson