music of japan. drops of slow honey
or of invisible gold are dispersed
in a miserly way from a water clock,
and repeat in time a weaving that is
eternal, fragile, mysterious, and clear.
jorge luis borges from music box
translated from the spanish

the picture above is about as mystical looking as architecture photography could get. unreal. it almost looks like the kind of surreal photo you see on a poster in a corporate meeting room with some inspirational saying on it.

maybe i’ll make one with this photo for our office and it will say: dos hombres caminaron por la luna

the picture sets the stage for the following daydream:
i’ve been wandering through the woods alone for days listening to the new espers record, or maybe white magic, or maybe even motohiro nakashima…, and someone wanders out of the house with a lantern and offers me a place to stay for the night and a bath…of course, i’m wearing a thick wool pancho (made in iceland) and a bolero hat…

wow this house is cool isn’t it?
so, usually when i have time to sit down and write about something here, it’s very late, i’m probably slightly manic, most of me is a walking a.d.d. med commercial and yet, i’m really happy (you can probably tell by my previous paragraphs). it’s rare that i get to focus on just one thing for very long and so i love these few moments each week writing here.
hopefully you’ll forgive me for forgetting where i got the pictures of this unbelievable house. even better, maybe you can even help me remember. please. do you know anything about this house? 
i remember the firm’s site being in japanese. i think.
speaking of cool things, here we are on the architectural record web site. thanks to preston koerner aka jetson green. i wonder if he’s related to spider john koerner. i watched him play once in the legendary jim ruiz’s living room. 

absolute clarity. i think living in this house would solve all my problems. it’s about as close to my idea of perfection as i can get right now. pure and boiled down to almost nothing. 
last night i watched richard serra on charlie rose and he declared that “anything that has any utilitarian function at all is simply not art”. i’m a fan of mr. serra’s work (he did kind of bug me during the interview) and i’m usually a fan of people who make sweeping, bold proclamations, but i disagree with him on this. both these structures are art and speak to me in a way that words can’t.

this one called the 20×20 house is really amazing too. i don’t think i’d have chosen red though for the interior. 
it’s hard to imagine it was designed to be a guest house. 
the architect, felipe assadi, is creating a lot of brilliant work right now he’s definitely a favorite of mine. chile seems like a very inspired place right now.

even just looking at both of these minimalist homes helps to calm me down a bit.

this image of the 20×20 sets the stage for the following daydream:
i’ve been wandering through the calera de tango region alone for days listening to the new airrecord or maybe, montag, or maybe benoit pioulard, or maybe keren ann  or maybe beach house… and of course, i’m wearing vintage gucci loafers and a brightly colored caftan… i’m not sure if it’s morning or dusk but the lights are on so…
thank you and goodnight.
posted by matt.