"digression is an essential part of creating. it’s like hiking — every path that opens up in front of you is a viable one until it’s not, and then you find another or retrace your steps. it’s a way of seeing more of the mountain." – various projects              

Dec 30, 2011

limited edition angora-covered Cappellini chairs
various projects (elizabeth beer and brian janusiak) made these beautiful and now, sadly poetic chairs as an extension of their collaborations with the late tobias wong.
short interview here at surface magazine.

more at elizabeth and brian’s retail space project no 8.
please enjoy the time as it passes.
and the digressions that create a new path, again and again and again…
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the pieces grew, conceptually, from rolu’s interest in a seth price essay décor holes. the forms are shapes extracted from early 70s drawings choreographer trisha brown made. up next? an ommu published book about rolu’s work designed by benjamin critton.              

Dec 23, 2011

we are super excited to announce a new project!  rolu 4 ommu
four new pieces of furniture.  commissioned by ommu in athens.
new rolu 4 ommu web site and two-sided poster (above) by benjamin critton!
poster released at miss read / kw institute for contemporary art berlin – download 
they’re available throughout europe and the u.s. 
our friend jonny programmed the site and we love it! but our favorite part?  jonny’s nine year old daughter elsa sits at the computer with the site open and spends hours dragging the shapes around the screen and creating assemblages. makes us super happy!
please enjoy the time while it passes…
afterall, it’s the lumber of life and the lake of our feelings.
and seasons greetings! i’ll be back sometime next week.
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research for a huge project (!) summer 2012: rauschenberg, merce cunningham, trisha brown, allan kaprow, francis alys, scott burton, louwrien wijers, franz erhard walther, guy de cointet, matthew stone interviews louwrien wijers… psyched!              

Dec 22, 2011

rauschenberg an interview with barbara rose

merce cunningham by germano celant, david vaughan, barbara frost and merce  cunningham

trisha brown: so that the audience does not know whether i have stopped dancing by phillip bither, peter eleey and trisha brown

childsplay: the art of allan kaprow by jeff kelley

the modern procession by francis alys, francesco pellizi, roselee goldberg, anne wehr, tom eckles and susan freedman
scott burton by brenda richardson

art meets science and spirituality in a changing economy by louwrien wijers

franz erhard walther arbeiten 1969-1976 by franz erhard walther

franz erhard walther out of print catalog from dia books

guy de cointet by Marie de Brugerolle
matthew stone interviews louwrien wijers
figured i’d follow up with a part two of yesterday’s post about new rolu library items.
i ran out of time scanning but, there are also seven books about joseph beuys. 
it’s all research for a super exciting project summer 2012.  
can’t wait to tell you!
please enjoy the time while it is passing by.
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originally published between 1965 and 1967, the great bear contributors were a who’s who of the sixties avant-garde: george brecht, john cage, al hansen, allan kaprow, claes oldenburg, nam jun paik, diter rot and emmett williams, were just but a few of th              

Dec 22, 2011

the boxed set the great bear pamphlet series arrived from ooga booga!
List of pamphlets
01. By Alison Knowles/Alison Knowles
02. A Book About Love & War & Death: Canto One/Dick Higgins
03. Chance-Imagery/George Brecht
04. Injun & Other Histories (1960)/Claes Oldenburg
05. Incomplete Requiem for W. C. Fields/Al Hansen
06. Ritual: A Book of Primitive Rites and Events/Jerome Rothenberg
07. Some Recent Happenings/Allan Kaprow
08. Manifestos/Includes work by Öyvind Fahlström, Robert Filliou, John
Giorno. Al Hansen, Dick Higgins, Allan Kaprow, Alison Knowles, Nam
June Paik, Diter Rot, Jerome Rothenberg, Wolf Vostell, Robert Watts and
Emmett Williams
09. Berlin and Phenomena/Wolf Vostell
10. The Twin Plays: Port-au-Prince & Adams County Illinois/Jackson Mac Low
11. Diary: Change the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)/John Cage
12. The Cursive Scandinavian Salve/ Bengt af Klintberg
13. Auto Biography/David Antin
14. Popular Entertainments/Philip Corner
15. A Filliou Sampler/Robert Filliou
16. Untitled Essays and Other Works/Allan Kaprow
17. A Look into the blue tide, part 2/Diter Rot
18. The Art of Noise/Luigi Russolo
19. The Last French-Fried Potato and Other Poems/Emmett Williams
20. A Zaj Sampler/ Contains work by Jose-Luis Castillejo, Ramiro Cortes,
Javier Martines Cuadrado, Juan Hidalgo, Walter Marchetti, Tomas Marco,
and Eugenio de Vicente
totally psyched.
please enjoy thinking about the ways in which the things you read change you.
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it incorporates many of the features presented in utopia e ambientazione (utopia & setting), published in consecutive issues of domus in 1949, revealing mollino’s own philosophy of decor as deeply trans-historical. in this two-part essay carlo mollino pre              

Dec 20, 2011

“the outside” – becky beasley at francesca minini

via mousse magazine
really interesting work and conceptual backdrop as greg.org points out 
(you beat me to it greg!)
looking forward to digging in and researching this work more.
but for now?  all i can think of is the magnepan magneplanar tympani 1c stereo speakers, which are still lovingly made right here in minneapolis.

i was turned on to these speakers recently by our friend cameron wittig.  he found a pair on craigslist and says they sound fantastic.  maybe we’ll get some for the studio!
please enjoy the day.
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describe your approach to art making: "things that look like other things is good. i have always been very interested in how the photographic documentation of painting and sculpture can start to build a secondary experience of the work, which can be more-              

Dec 19, 2011

a generic bottle of water by cloakmonkey, plaster, tint, steel, rapid prototypes, inkjet print from Short Stories @ Sculpture Center. More images here.
 Painting Scan 3, printed on the Objet Connex500, FullCure720 and inkjet print, 2011

the older repeatable image/coins, perforated steel, climbing clips, silk plants, chains, bolts from Short Stories @ Sculpture Center. More images here.

Painting Scan 4, printed on the Objet Connex500, FullCure720 and enamel, 2011
some recent work by ben schumacher
nice interview in the november issue of mousse magazine.
please enjoy what you see and what you think you see…
and the time while it passes.
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“and as if each viewer’s history and state of mind were not already enough to drastically scramble any possibility of an image being interpreted in a manner that was intended by its creator; the always-altering and heterogeneous environments of the ……              

Dec 16, 2011

set it freemaryanne casasanta

“photograph of a copy of DDDDoomed, Or, Collectors & Curators of the Image – A Brief Future History of the Image Aggregator by R. Gerald Nelson unopened, published on Tumblr for online distribution by artist, also entitled, “set it free” 2011

“And as if each viewer’s history and state of mind were not already enough to drastically scramble any possibility of an image being interpreted in a manner that was intended by its creator; the always-altering and heterogeneous environments of the Internet had made it even more exponentially possible for an image’s meaning to be (mis)translated in ways that were never imagined by the image’s creator.” p. 33

reblogged on Tumblr 445 times, where the title of the book, author and quotation were removed by users in the process.” – via maryanne casasanta

wow.  i love this piece.  i can’t help but imagine encountering this work in the future with missing context.  i think it might resonate even more deeply.
at some point i’m hoping to have time to share my thoughts more formally about ddddoomed  (i probably won’t.)  it’s been coming up again lately in the studio and with friends (a couple of whom have image aggregators : – )
the essay definitely hits on a lot of questions i’m really interested in but, for me, to believe that something as powerful as “the image”, could be corrupted or rendered aimless or impotent by something like i.a.’s or tumblr’s?  that’s a view that seems to be missing some deep and “essential information.”  
“Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened.” – ts eliot
i love the idea that an image can be given a life its never had before.  where is it going? where did it come from?  what will it become?  we could ask the same question of ourselves … and we could laugh!
this is the lumber of life / this is the lake of our feeling via seth price

and the internet is for surfing!
please enjoy the time while it is passing by and, if it seems like a worthwhile thing for you to do, try to seek beginnings in things rather than imaging their endings. 
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come forth unabashed come out unbuttoned bury belligerence resurrect frolic only through body can you clasp the divine only through body can you dance with the god in every man’s hand the gift of compassion in every man’s hand the beloved connection trust              

Dec 15, 2011

we love to get photos of our furniture in action.  this is david horvitz studio.

please enjoy the time while it is passing us by.
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facestate would be a state of the type that peter thiel, the paypal founder and facebook angel investor, dreams about: no welfare and no taxes. the theorist of this state-form is robert nozick, whose 1974 book anarchy, state, and utopia is an enduring ins              

Dec 14, 2011

andrea hyde interviews metahaven at the walker art center site about their facestate project which was commissioned by the walker and is part of the fantastic exhibit graphic design: now in production.  

“We anticipated that anti-terrorism in the future would become crowdsourced self-censorship – the most effective Department of Homeland Security being your very own social network.”
super fascinating.
in the interview they reference peter thiel whose recent new yorker profile unearthed feelings in me i hadn’t felt since… maybe junior high?  i wanted to fight him.  
ok.  now i’m embarrassed. 
also, of interest is metahaven’s wikileaks fundraiser on ebay! i’m sniping for sure!
please enjoy the time while it is passing by.
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the principal action of pelican consisted of rauschenberg and swedish painter per olof ultvedt, with open parachutes attached to their backs, skating about the arena. around and between them, carolyn brown, the cunningham company’s most elegant dancer….              

Dec 13, 2011

pelican (1963) – robert rauschenberg
came across a book length interview with robert rauschenberg at this show. opened it up to this page.  thought i’d share…
robert rauschenberg’s first performance of the dance piece, pelican, took place at america on wheels, a roller skating rink at kalorama and seventeenth streets in washington, d.c. on may 9, 1963 in conjunction with “the popular image” exhibition (april 18 – june 2, 1963) at the washington gallery of modern art. andy warhol was one of the artists whose work was included in the exhibition. (jd120)
 performed as one of the dances of the fifth concert of dance by the judson dance theater group (billed as an ‘extension’ of their dance series at the judson memorial church in new york), pelican consisted of two men (robert rauschenberg and per olof ultvedt) in roller skates and a female dancer – carolyn brown. rauschenberg was also listed on the judson dance theater’s program for their third and fourth concerts of dance (performed at the judson church) under the title “advisory.” (jd82) he had allowed the group to rehearse in his loft and he lived with steve paxton who was one of the group’s choreographers.  at the fifth concert of dance by the judson group – the performances at the skating rink – the audience were asked to remove all the chairs from the rink during the intermission prior to the beginning of pelican which lasted, according to one account, twelve minutes and twenty to thirty minutes according to another account.
from rauschenberg: art and life by mary lynn kotz:
“much of rauschenberg’s expanded theater activities were with the judson dance theater… they wanted to explore the structure of movement, including everyday movements that were not ‘dancing,’ and to eliminate dance’s dependence on fixed choreography, trained dancers, and expensive production. in these endeavors they were influenced by rauschenberg, who served as stage manager, lighting director, performer, and – when he sold a painting – patron…
pelican… marked rauschenberg’s unexpected debut as a choreographer. at the pop art festival in washington, d.c… rauschenberg mistakenly was listed in the program as ‘choreographer’ rather than as stage manager of the judson group. when he read the program, he decided to take on the challenge. discovering that the performances were to take place in a roller-skating rink called america on wheels, he designed costumes, learned to roller-skate, and prepared a dance routine for himself and two dancers.
at that moment, rauschenberg’s career was soaring. his work was on exhibition at the jewish museum, in group shows at the solomon r. guggenheim museum in new york, and in the corcoran biennial in washington, as well as in various exhibitions touring europe. he wanted his choreography to soar as well. in his light-filled studio at 809 broadway, he moved his paintings off the floor, where he worked, to practice roller-skating with his friends, racing with his samoyed puppy, laika, and his two kinkajous.
the principal action of pelican consisted of rauschenberg and swedish painter per olof ultvedt, with open parachutes attached to their backs, skating about the arena. around and between them, carolyn brown, the cunningham company’s most elegant dancer, danced on point, dressed in a sweat suit and toe shoes. ‘the soaring motion of brown’s classical ballet vocabulary juxtaposed to and amplified by the rapid birdlike swooping of the men on skates’ made pelican rauschenberg’s most memorable performance art, wrote curator nina sundell in her catalogue for an exhibition called ‘rauschenberg/performance.’
the artistic success of pelican, which rauschenberg dedicated to his heroes, the wright brothers, seemed to confirm one of his favorite theories of art. he had indeed, as sundell points out, ‘used the limitation of materials [roller skates] as a freedom that would eventually establish form.’
rauschenberg, again sailing about in the open parachute, performed the dance a second time in new york in 1965, at the first new york theater rally, organized by steve paxton and alan solomon at a television studio on broadway at eighty-first street.” (122/23)
yvonne rainer, a regular participant/choreographer in the judson dance theater later recalled that when rauschenberg’s involvement with the dance group extended to choreography, “through no error is his behaviour but simply due to his stature in the art world – the balance was tipped, and those of us who appeared with him became the tail of his comet.”
via warholstars.org
please enjoy the time as it is passing us by.
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