"This is what you shall do: love the earth and sun, and animals, despise riches, give alms to every one that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, devote your income and labor to others, hate tyrants, argue not concerning God, have… " – walt whitman              

Dec 10, 2010

super honored to be in the new issue of the always amazing 01 Magazine.

i was interviewed by one of the kindest, open and thoughtful people i’ve ever had the privilege to meet, jabari jordan-walker.

thanks both to him and the endlessly inspiring jennilee marigomen.

this photo of me dancing / prancing around was taken by my wife at our favorite place.

some days it’s really easy to feel grateful.

hope you’re having one of those days too.

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"It was not until the invention of printing had greatly reduced the cost of books, allowing many more people direct access to owning books, that it became the practice to write the title on the spine and shelve books with the spine outwards." -wikipedia              

Dec 9, 2010

david horvitz with his new rolu bookcase.  a related horvitz / rolu piece coming soon!
the bookcase is from the ifs ltd project at moma ps1 / ny art book fair.
and speaking of books, david’s  everything that can happen in a day was just released.
buy it!
and please enjoy the things you see.

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More than 40,000 people are expected to attend the ninth edition of Art Basel Miami Beach, which opens to the public Thursday and runs until Sunday. In the first 90 minutes after the 11 a.m. opening, the rush proved profitable: Dealers at the contemporar              

Dec 3, 2010

way too early in the morning but, luckily, had a whole row of seats on the plane.

flying into the sun i’m aware of similarities… sunset / sunrise.
or do i mean parallels? or opposites?

horizon lines that look like…

horizon lines.

it’s like 70 degrees warmer here than at home.  i appreciate that.

one of our clients has a place here that he let us use.  thanks kevin!

amazing … avocado colored early 70s mercedes. 
lots of new and old tonight.

tonight?  i prefer the old.

speaking of old… this guy never gets old.

definitely old.

wow.  definitely old.  jousse enterprise.  always the prouvé.  so great.

and some new.  do you like rick owens?
and this…

tied with avocado mercedes in the parking lot for best thing at design miami?

then i hit the road for an epic walk home through the heart of miami beach…

i took like 200 photos of palm trees… most look pretty much exactly like this. 
why do i do things like that?

came across this amazing scene.  morris lapidus. 


one last look at the sky and then…

my lovely wife amy gave me the lowdown on how naughty our dog mojo was being… he’s a puli.  he does not like it when i leave… at all.

tomorrow?  more swimming.  more art.

please enjoy yourself.

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Fernanda Fragateiro (Born in Montijo, Portugal. Lives and works in Lisbon). Fragateiro’s work has been exhibited at the Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon; Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Santiago de Compostela; Serralves Foundation, Porto; Centro Atlâ              

Dec 2, 2010

Fernanda Fragateiro Double-Sided Bookcase Floor (Detail), 2010

arratia, beer – Art Basel Miami Beach  –  Art Positions l Booth PO7

presenting new works by Fernanda Fragateiro

one of my favorite artists recently.  can’t wait to see this.
please enjoy the time while it passes.

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HAUNTED (adjective) The adjective HAUNTED has 3 senses: 1. having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something 2. showing emotional affliction or disquiet 3. inhabited by or as if by apparitions. Familiarity information: HAUNTED used a              

Dec 1, 2010

via andreas angelidakis
via artforum
via bailey salisbury  (warp, weft, woot)
rolu studio press kit
bruce mclean via mauve deep
via unchanging window
images encountered recently that refuse to leave my thoughts.
please enjoy the images that refuse to leave yours.

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minneapolis to miami beach (1,778 miles)- Minneapolis, MN 1. Take the ramp onto I-35W S Continue onto I-35 S / Entering Iowa Take exit 190 for US-18 E 2. Keep right at the fork and merge onto IA-27 S/US-18 E / Continue onto IA-27 S Entering Missouri ….              

Dec 1, 2010

rolu made four custom neu ulm chairs for the berlin based gallery arratia, beer.
2010/11 winter intern, sammie warren checks out a chair with a 2″ cushion mock-up.
the chairs work with a custom desk / table unit.
it looks like this when it’s closed.  1″ of negative space between the chairs and desk / table.
it’s called the positive/negative space table/chair and will be available for sale soon.
we very carefully packed it up, loaded it on our truck and then sent it off to art basel miami…
if you’re in miami for art basel, be sure to check out arratia, beer‘s booth.
they are presenting the work of Portuguese artist Fernanda Fragateiro. (previously 12)
please enjoy the day.
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Brooks Hudson Thomas is proud to announce the opening of the holiday season with the largest exhibition ever at Specific: XANADU. In addition to work by many of the artists and design teams specific have exhibited this year, there will be objects and art              

Nov 30, 2010

we met our friend brooks through our friend (and everybody’s friend!) david from yhbhs.
brooks owns specific, a dealer of current design / art  / furniture pieces in los angeles.
specific has a holiday themed show up called xanadu 11/13-12/24…  holiday shopping!
we are looking forward to working with brooks on a furniture project spring 2011.
please enjoy the time as it passes.

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