DDDDoomed—Or, Collectors & Curators of the Image: A Brief Future History of the Image Aggregator is the 1st in a series of 7 publications from edition m  k, a small-scale, independent publishing platform founded in minneapolis in 2010 as an extension of making known and the (design) practice of r. gerald nelson.

“DDDDoomed,” crafted as a speculative fiction that unfolds from the perspective of a future commentator reflecting back and theorizing about the factors that brought about the dysfunctional state of the contemporary image world, tells the story of how the image (specifically, the online image) devolved in the hands of image aggregators (IAs).

IAs, as “DDDDoomed” asserts, in having “single-handedly pave[d] the way for a young and Internet-reliant culture’s collective disinterest in even the most essential content of an image,” have turned the image into an aimless one that is made intentionally devoid of its meaning, knowledge, and even of its most basic identifying information. Furthermore, it is argued that “by devaluing [the] image’s potency … IAs were effectively exaggerating the worth of their role by convincing the viewers of their websites that their assembled collection … was, paradoxically, to be the sole object of spectacle.”

“DDDDoomed” offers a thorough look at the contemporary (online) image world through the lenses of comparatively important image and photography-based artworks, image archives, and artists who are engaged with the collection and use of disparate images.

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please enjoy.

posted by matt olson