bikebarrow (2006) futurefarmers

springtime is here so let’s continue with the theme of friday’s post on 9999’s radical gardening work at ny-moma…  let’s look to a more recent use of gardening as an artistic platform/material.
victory gardens, a sprawling and beautiful project by san francisco based collectivefuturefarmers, was based in part on the original victory garden civic works initiative that took place during world war 1 & 2. 
pogoshovel (2006) – futurefarmers

besides being a framework to facilitate and encourage people to grow vegetable gardens in their yards and other small urban spaces, victory gardens is a poetic work about people connecting that involved sculpture, like the “bikebarrow” and “pogo shovel” from the related “possible/impossible” series shown here, and the social sculpture that’s evidenced by the moving note a key participant in the project, who didn’t speak english, handed to futurefarmers founder amy franceschini.

participants recieved a starter kit and could attend educational workshops to help them get started.  the original victory garden projects produced 8 billion tons of food so a real element of massive possibility exists along with the smiley sense of possibilty a sculpture like “pogoshovel” produces.
more on victory gardens and futurefarmers here via our pal paul writing at art:21.

futurefarmers (amy franceschini, daniel allende and michael swaine) at the u of minn last week
futurefarmers has, in all of it’s work, walked a quiet line between art,  gentle socio-political activism, science and education that is inspiring to me in profound ways. 
they were here in minneapolis last week laying the ground work for “a people without a voice cannot be heard” a new project that will happen this summer at the walker art center as a part of the “open field” programming that rolu has been involved with from the start. you will hear tons more from me about this soon.
please enjoy the day.
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