what is a ‘moticos?’
the next time a railroad train is seen going its way along the track, look quickly at the sides of the box cars, because a moticos may be there. whether the train is standing still or speeding past you a moticos  don’t try to catch up with it.  it wants to go its way.  but have your camera ready to snap a picture.  it likes those moments of being inside the box.  when your film is printed and the moticos is finally seen, it will not be seen, unless you past the moticos on the side of a box car so someone can see the moticos or take its picture.  it may appear in your daily newspaper.  someone may put it there.  cut it out.  save it.  treasure it.  make sure it is in a box or between the pages of a book for your grandchildren to find and enjoy.
the moticos is not only seen on railroad trains but on  it really isn’t necessary to see the moticos or know where it is because  i have seen them.  perhaps i might point them out to you.  the best way is to go about your business not thinking about silly moticos because when you begin seeing them describing what they are or where they are going is   so just make sure you wake up from sleeping and go your way and go to sleep when you will.   the moticos does that too and does not worry about you.  perhaps you are the moticos.  destroy this.  paste the ashes on the side of your automobile and if anyone asks you why you have ashes pasted on the side of your car, tell them.
or write the word moticos on the top of your automobile.  it loves moving and rain water.  not so many people will wonder what it means.  there will be no questions hence no need for answers.   and if you have an automobile drive to pleasant places   have you seen a moticos lately?  perhaps you have.  they are everywhere.  as i write this i wish someone were here to point this out to me because i know they exist.
ray johnson via mauve deep
please enjoy moticos.
posted by matt olson