sometime in the next week or so i’ll be interviewing david lefkowitz about his work and current retrospective, “other positioning systems” up at the rochester art center for the aia-mn blog.  i made the trek to rochester yesterday, about a two hour drive from minneapolis.  fantastic.  if you have a chance, it’s up until january 10… go.

“This exhibition features paintings, drawings and mixed media installations that highlight David Lefkowitz’s ongoing explorations of the slippery relation between our direct experience of the world and the systems and structures we have devised to make that experience make sense—from the simple act of framing, to various mapping strategies, to surveillance technology, to the exhibition space itself. Other Positioning Systems will include samples from several bodies of work from the past dozen years and new work designed specifically for this exhibition.
The main gallery will be divided into five separate exhibits, each focusing on a different aspect of the representation of place and space. From large scale panoramas of vast vistas, to tiny paintings of lint, from a city constructed of Styrofoam packing material to a model of a quarry carved out of a stack of sheetrock, visitors will encounter dramatic shifts of scale and vantage point, and transformations of materials usually discarded in our contemporary consumer culture” – via rochester art center
please enjoy.
posted by matt olson