“and they asked the builder:
is this your vision?
what does it mean?
and the builder replied:
it’s about living and life
and everything i’ve learned”
leonard knight’s hot air balloon crashed in the desert of southern california over 25 years ago.  so, he did what any divinely inspired man might do and set to work transforming a dirt hill into a mountain of paint and adobe, his monument to god’s love.  leonard is just one of the six folk architects – individuals without formal or professional schooling in architecture – in the insightful and award winning documentary god’s architects.  director zack godshall records the follies, churches, and homes of five architects: leonard knightreverend h.d. dennisfloyd banks jr.,shelby ravellette, and kenny hill.  the idea for the documentary began when godshall attended a lecture by emilie taylor, a tulane school of architecture alum and now professor, on several of these folk architects.  together, taylor and godshall, detail the rudimentary materials, tools and techniques employed by each creator.  its humbling to see the intricate creations these resourceful and quirky men can build with little or no funding, and often with no plan or destination.
i highly recommend exploring the website and learning more about these folk architects.  dvd copies just went on sale and the beginning of december and if you happen to be in baton rouge in late january there will be a showing at the manship theater.
posted by nicolas allinder