Work No. 9 MKM 1982 – charles biederman

Work No. 4, St. Victoire, 1980 – 1982 – charles biederman 

i was reminded recently of the artist charles biederman as a fantastic example of his work is inthis show “benches and binoculars” at the walker art center.
“The first of about a dozen books on art theory written by Biederman, “Art as the Evolution of Visual Knowledge,” appeared in 1948 and is generally considered his masterpiece.  Some critics say Biederman is one of the most original and important artists of the 20th century. But to most of the public — and most of Minnesota — Biederman is unknown. As a young man, Charles Biederman spurned the critics, curators and gallery owners who can make contemporary artists into superstars. He resolved to devote his life purely to art. Biederman was born Aug. 23, 1906 in Cleveland. He studied art at the Cleveland Art Institute, and later at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. Biederman worked successfully in Chicago and New York, where his work was exhibited alongside such artists as Alexander Calder and Charles Shaw. He spent several months in Paris before returning to New York in 1937. In 1941 he was back in Chicago, and a year later he and his wife, Mary, settled in a farmhouse outside of Red Wing, where he had produced works for a medical clinic, and continued to develop his art in a kind of self-imposed exile” via mpr
please enjoy.
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