part of the lee walton show i recently wrote about here are some “destination specific” sculptures.  large, brightly colored, primary shape-esque plywood pieces with a date and directions for their removal from the gallery written on them.  so here we go…
here’s from an interview i did with lee…
me – i love the “destination specific floor sculptures”.  can you talk a bit about them? will the instructions actually be executed?

lee walton – As for the deinstallation of the plywood sculptures, they will definitely be executed. You can help if you want. note – rolu will be deinstalling and documenting some of the sculptures.

A funny thing happened as I was planning the show. At a certain point i realized that nothing in the show looked like ART. So, I had this inclination to create a set of large minimalellsworth Kelly,  john McCracken style sculptures. I have always wished i could do this sort of thing.

All the pieces were made by Caylon, a student at Bethel. We worked together over the phone and email. The goal was to make things that looked like ART. They also had to be just awkward enough that one person couldn’t carry them alone.

When I called and asked Michelle (michelle westmark – the olson gallery curator) about them, I asked “do they look like ART?” She laughed. YES!

So, yes.. they will be discarded appropriately. I originally thought about discarding everyday objects, such as chairs, toasters, a pillow – things like that. But it seemed more fun to discard ART. Plus, the actual spectacle of seeing somebody carry this thing down the street will become another Momentary Performance of sorts. I like when the art bleeds into real life just enough.

mission accomplished.  too bad our new winter intern doesn’t start until next week.  this day would have been a great intro to life at the rolu studio… 
experientialist indeed.
please enjoy the day.
posted by matt olson