vernor panton designed spiegel publishing house via now voyager and but does it float.

photo of charles eames at play via reference library via life.

our legacy clothing from the fall and winter collection 2009 via guillotine.

house in toyama [black pyramid] by Yukihide Mizuno via what we do is secret.

tons of photos of art:la at tryharder.

photos of paul mgabi sepuya‘s installation alexandria at envoy via the artist’s blog.

swimming through trees by jessica williams.

painted objects by aaron rose at hope gallery via teardrops (photos via guillotine… i think).

my new light blue, button down oxford, monogramed def.  soon to follow?  sad, ass, dig, elk, sup, god, ska, sky, pop, hug….

things that have wandered into my life… many of them arriving in the mail.  including (kinda from left to right):
  1. david horvitz – take a walk into the sun 
  2. louise bourgeois – pencil sketches on paper torn from old wallpaper magazine
  3. apartamento – issue #2 (nice spread mylinh!)
  4. article magazine – w/ casette mixtape
  5. the boy from lam kien by miranda july – thanks amie!
  6. paperback – issue #2 
  7. free world by aaron rose – newsprint postscript to paperback
  8. mark magazine [another architecture]- from the netherlands, more here
  9. teenbeat records package containing, amongst other things, the gorgeous 12″ lp‘origami and urbanism’ by mark robinson and the new cd by maybe it’s reno
  10. paperback – issue #1

this song woods is bon iver being very un-bon iver.  i  absolutely love it.and finally…

there’s this aeroplane remix of the song paris [featuring au revoir simone].  i’ve been almost oddly stuck on this for weeks.

i hope you’re falling in love with things as often as i am.

please, enjoy.

posted by matt olson