maarten vanden eynde – rave nature
the visually compelling ‘rave nature(2005) by dutch artist maarten vanden eynde was installed at the maastricht cultutral event festival cement (=concrete). 

what really struck me though was its first glance similarity in tone to the mono ha artist koji enokura’s piece ‘wall’ (1971) from the ’71 biennale de parisa closer look reveals conceptual differences but, when looking through maarten’s web site i noticed another work, mo(nu)mentum, that had strong visual connections to another mono ha artist piece, nobuo sekine’s, ‘phase – mother earth (1968).

either way, lots of really great,  interesting work to look through at maarten’s web site. 

+ here’s a little tip. when you click on works>portfolio and you end up at the first, most recent project, click to the right but, click to the left too…  and it makes sense in a chronology way but, it took me a while to figure it out…

what can i say, it was early in the morning when i was there.

please, enjoy.

posted by matt olson