One can’t help but wonder what it’d be like to live here,
In a house without hallways, without boundaries,
Without tradition.  Then you might wonder,
Are they really missing? Are they present,
But evolved? Or are these things within us?
Where would you eat?  Put your shoes?
Where would you go to get away…
Welcome to Moriyama House  (house being a loosely applied term).
The Office of Ryue Nishizawa completely deconstructed the traditional notion of the house here, leaving exposed the scattered remnants of a house’s building blocks.
Moriyama House looks like an eccentric Tokyo commune – more public than private, more compound than house. In fact it is communal living, composed of a main residence, maid’s quarters, and apartments.  Yet somehow Ryue Nishizawa’s little building block compound fits into the urban fabric. His work always pursues blending the “inside and outside.” On this tokyo lot, he brought the city into the house with very provocative results.


Moriyama house has been widely discussed on the interwebs, yet I was reminded why it is so great when I stumbled upon this three dimensional tour. I highly recommend taking it, a perfect escape for the holidays.
Happy New Year, may it bring you pleasant reminders and surprises.
Posted by Nicolas Allinder, the intern