white out is an ongoing series of posts drawn from a presentation that our intern nicolas allinder gave about his research into recent modern japanese architecture.

           → Welcome to Tokyo.
Personally, I’ve never been. But from what I can tell, Tokyo is animated and overflowing with energy, noise, stuff and a robot flying off to the red moon. At least, this is Nobumasa Takahashi’s interpretation of Tokyo. What struck me about his t-shirt design below and how it relates to this series on minimalist architecture is the way Takahashi evokes the dense excitement of a brimming Tokyo.
Against the multitude of movements feeding the Tokyo frenzy, there is an absence.  I wasn’t quite sure how to describe what I saw when Matt and Mike sent me on this (virtual) journey to catalogue Japanese minimalist architecture. But, after seeing Jun Ishikawa’s work I knew immediately what label to slap on my interpretation:
        → White Out.
His facades produce bold compositions pushing the noise into the background. Ishikawa’s blank buildings are interstitial moments silencing the din of the city.
His strong graphic design aesthetic and playful use of an iconic shape might just be another addition to the mass of stuff filling in Tokyo’s last bastions of space, but at least he fills space with absence.
          → I highly recommend looking at his work.
please, enjoy the weekend.

posted by nicolas allinder (the intern!)