mylinh trieu nguyen – come closer

i first became aware of mylinh trieu nguyen and her various design/art projects about two years ago when, after seeing her credited for work on a newsprint poster i bought by the artist david horvitz, i visited her website and thought her work was great.
time passed, then she was on my radar again doing more work with david horvitz.  this time it was in the form of asdf, an ongoing bunch of collaborative efforts that explore how technology can make art easily accessible and distribution cheap or free.  i like them all but, two of their projects are absolute faves: “it’s easy to find“, a show that consists of small works by twenty artists that’s on display in a p.o. box in upstate new york, and “for a brief time only at a location near you“, a purchasable exhibition of art available at whatever photo developer is closest to you.  both are great and really interesting to me on so many levels and i’m always excited by art that turns the viewer into a participant. definitely chk the links and read the deets about all the asdf stuff.
so, i’d encountered her work a few times and was a fan, which is just normal but, recently, the story got a little cooler. 
more time had passed and i saw the work below featured on a blog and i thought…

“i should go check out her website again” and while i was there,
i decided to buy this poster…
i was kinda startled when she wrote back in a few minutes and said:
Hey Matthew,
It just so happens that I’ll be moving to Minneapolis tomorrow! Who would have thought.
So we could actually meet up and I could hand deliver the poster if you wanted.”
she’d been awarded the walker art center‘s prestigious design fellowship and was minneapolis bound from los angeles.  wow.
and just like she offered in her email, she delivered the things i bought in person.
mylinh presents “here without you“, to me, at lunch in mpls
even though i’m pretty sure she won’t be able to deliver everyone’s orders, i encourage you to explore and buy the work in her store.
and the best part? there will be another very exciting chapter in the story coming soon!
please, enjoy the day.

posted by matt olson