i first came across dallas clayton about a year ago via a link on the great los angeles band no age’s blog.  his energy was literally stunning.  at first glance it was hard for me to decide if his tone was genuine? annoying?  ironic? or what… but there was something there and after a while, it was the aforementioned energy that got me.  so much good energy and so charming.  (i always feel a little sad about my preset to ‘quick cynicism’ after it’s overturned like this)
anyways, he’s obviously a brilliant dreamer.  chk this and see more here.

but back when i first stumbled across him, his site was just a blog with a lot of cool writing on it, not that different from other blogs with lots of writing.  so i guess i was kinda surprised (and impressed) to see an announcement somewhere not long ago that he was reading from his new book called “an awesome book”, and it was being presented by bjork and matthew barney.

the book is available for order here and for viewing here.

here’s a new years poem and drawing from his site.

i for one am going to try to find within myself a bit more of the hopeful/earnest/innocent/dreamer/gentle/man-boy that dallas clayton seems to be channeling in 2009.

i’m just hoping it’s that kinda year.

so have a safe and happy new year! ok?

posted by matt olson