maybe it’s perfect timing in a way since ’tis the season of gratitude and giving… these last days i’ve been thinking of sister corita kent a lot.   man, what a great sense of possibility and inspiration her art, energy and life give me. 
the andy warhol autobiography i’m reading has me thinking of the sixties a lot and, obviously, pop art, but too many of the stories from the factory just really bum me out (don’t get me wrong, i love andy too but…) it’s nice to remember that on the west coast sister corita was doing this all this activist pop art around the same time. 
so i’ve been digging into her life and work to keep things in balance.
even if you already know, i’m sure there’s more to learn…
and more to teach…
so why not… start here  &  look here  &   read this.
please, enjoy.

posted by matt olson