5ive house in spring 08

our pal preston over at jetson green is reporting that the 5ive house in mpls officially received leed platinum status. the 1st of its kind in minn…

congrats to both shelter architecture and the folks who built the home. nice job. 
we’ve been watching this project closely since it began and, obviously, i always intended to blog about it but… maybe i was just too heartbroken that we didn’t end up getting to design the landscape here, though, i should add, it turned out great anyway.
i took the below pics this afternoon.

the cor-ten cladding is almost unbearably beautiful.  so rich and subtly textured.  the house is perfectly proportioned on the site.  it’s elegant and quiet but still very much present.  a series of boxes put together in such balanced and layered way.  poetry.

ok, so i have to indulge myself and add a couple non-aesthetic asides that will always endear this home to me.
have you ever been in a store and someone comes up to you and says “do you work here?” and you’re kind of bummed and insulted, even though it’s totally plausible that you could be working there, but, you just like to think you look cooler than that? 

the opposite of that happened to me here.  i stopped by the home once before the owners moved in and a curious neighbor walked by with her dog and asked “is this your home?”  it made me super happy.

another aside?  small world file?  it turns out that the 5ive house architect john dwyer and i grew up in the same small town outside minneapolis.  his father, a well regarded designer/builder, ron dwyer, did a really nice addition and screen porch on my parents home that has provided my family with many years of summer sunsets and enjoyment. 

before we knew this though, my mom speculated that the john dwyer from shelter “must be the son of” their builder ron dwyer… i opted for “no way” (you were right mom).

in the end what i think makes me happiest about this house is the fact that, aside from its size, you wouldn’t necessarily guess it was super green, it just looks great.
so again… a tip of the hat to the 5ive house team from rolu, rosenlof/lucas, ro/lu.
posted by matt olson