ben olson

if you’re lucky enough to find yourself at the super hyped art basel miami shindig this week, here are a few things you should consider.  
first off, you should consider being grateful to the universe that you’re there.  i sure wish i was going, especially after this weekends snowfall here. 
second, you should consider going to see the work of a few rolu dsgn friends who are showing there. 
the painter ben olson will show work with a bunch of great artists from the minneapolis galleryrogue buddha, at the claremont hotel.  his portraits are beautiful, raw, open and, at times, jarring and personal.  (ben and his wife emma berg are rolu clients and we’re working on what might be our coolest project yet for them. i’ll post about it later this winter)
also, there’s our friend gregory euclide, who i’ve written about before.

gregory euclide

he’ll be showing work at a few places in miami.  the red dot fair with blk/mrkt gallery from los angeles, aqua wynwood with bucheon gallery from san fransico and aqua art with hotcakesgallery from milwaukee.

and while we’re on the subject, gregory has a show opening at hotcakes gallery in milwaukee on december 16th, he’ll be in a show at mass moca in the spring… and, well, maybe rather than me listing off all the amazing stuff he’s up to, you can look for yourself on his site.

then there’s cheryl dunn who i just wrote about here a few weeks ago.  she’ll be doing a book signing with an installation at the raleigh hotel on december 6th.

and while i’m at it, if you’re on the other end of the east coast in nyc, our friend tema stauffer has work in a couple shows.  check her blog palmaire for more details

those are the things you should consider.

what should i consider? 

how lucky i am to know so many amazing, inspiring people.

oh, and someone i don’t know that you should go see? 

the band soiled mattress & the springs.  they’re playing at the nada art fair on the 7th and 8th.  mike and i have been listening to their s/t album on teenage teardrops while we work.  very cool.

so, go check them all out.  whether you’re in miami or just at your computer.  alright?

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