david horvitz – xiu xiu polaroid porject print

there is nothing better than arriving home to a full mailbox of cool, inspiring things.  

after a great field trip today to the university of mn to sit as a critic for students’ final projects in an architectural design studio, i returned to find a bunch of goodies waiting.

I spread them all out on the dining room table…

 the task newsletter                    sumi ink club prints                    xiu xiu polaroid print

the first issue of task newsletter arrived today and was great fun to pour over.  this is a project designed and edited by emmet byrne, alex dearmond and john sueda and it’s already received some pretty prestigious attention.  essays, designer interviews, beauty and something that was made with real care… 

i can’t for the life of me imagine why you wouldn’t buy one. (?) 

                                                                                      the task newsletter

check out the task site for more and have a look.  maybe i was their 1,000000th customer or something since my issue came with a bunch of fun things to look at too, namely a few postcards featuring work by the graphic designer daniel eatock.  

oh and, speaking of daniel eatock, watch this great talk he gave not long ago.  genius.

but quick, back to my mailbox before i get too far off track.  

                                                                                    sumi ink club

i also received a package today containing art by the sumi ink club and various other cool things that can be found via glaciers of nice.  (they have a blog too)

absolutely beautiful things.

i’m really excited about a bunch of wonderful projects that have the common factor of luke fischbeck, a los angeles musician/artist. 

actually, there is a lot of brilliant stuff coming from a group of people who are in los angles right now that seems alive and true.

                                                                                                           sumi ink club – showpaper

so if you order from both these entities, do it on the same day and you too may arrive home to a mailbox full of beauty for like $30.

you know, every day i read about creative projects that make me happy in some way.  but so often, it’s something like a chair made of toy panda bears that costs like $35,000.  it’s great to be reminded there are things every bit as carefully constructed and inspired that almost anyone can attain and enjoy (and should).

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