it is described as “the most exquisite color-coded navigation system ever” today on design observer, and that sounds about right.  a lot of the work there is great too.
kashiwa sato is an art director based in tokyo and his firm’s called samurai.  their portfolio is a lot of fun to dig around in.
there’s some very cool stuff.  the work for issey miyake is great. 

(and speaking of issey miyake, how cool is this?  soundtrack by boredoms member seiichi yamamoto?  wow.)

i also like the work he did for the japanese pop band my little lover

musically speaking though, when it comes to bands called “my little ____________” , hong kong based my little airport is easily the way to go.  follow the link and check out the song “edward, had you ever thought that the end of the world would come on 20.9.01?“and see for yourself.

have fun.

posted by matt