this project called indeman, by the firm maurer united architects [mua] will be a observation tower and, obviously, a landmark when it’s done.  aesthetically, it’s the type of thing that creates a complicated, somewhat uncertain reaction in me and, that doesn’t happen that much.   what is it about this structure?
i look at it and say, “yes” loudly…then back away a bit… “is it too…?  will it age well?  is it too…. hipster?”.  no.  i like it.
it looks like it could’ve been one of the pavillions at expo 70 or something. (speaking of that, here’s an unbelievably cool run of expo 70 pics in flickr, and furthermore, i always wanted a reason to post this video so…)

and yeah, it turns out i love it, or i probably will since i love the expo 70 vibe.   with fashion, music, art and now architecture/design stuff, i’ve learned to respect anything that causes this kind of complicated reaction in me and  i’m a guy who’s prone to quick, intuitive, loud, sweeping proclamations too, so i had to learn the hard way.
i can remember way, way back, when it was still open for discussion, arguing with my friend bruce about the band sonic youth.  my claim was that no one really liked them.  of course, it embarrasses me now and as you can imagine, after a few of those you learn to…
it’s actually one of my favorite things, the act of dis________.
so projects like indeman and work by firms like fat architecture are great fun for me.  they’re playful and yet challenging.  they have attitude.  a little humor… they feel young and inspired.  i encourage you to dig around a bit on their sites.  it brings to mind this post i wrote a while back about the show clip/stamp/fold that is currently up in london.
it reminds me of a dream i had about five years ago too.  i was in the midst of putting together an art show with a couple of brilliant, but intense people who were also friends.  i got into an argument with one of them and things got pretty tense for a while.
in the dream, i was standing on top of a steep hill… i couldn’t see the bottom, and off in the distance was a city skyline.  my dad came running up the hill at me with a concerned look on his face.  when he got to me, he grabbed my arm just hard enough to let me know he was about to say something very serious.he said, “i’ve been thinking about you.  you need to give your friend more room.  you need a lot of room,” then pointing at the city, “they need a lot of room.  it’s takes a lot of room to become who we’re becoming.” he looked me in the eye and said, “alright?” i said i agreed and… the dream was over.

it really helped me get through the fight with my friend.

that’s really it too, giving things room.dig in and wonder about it.  decide you’re going to like something you don’t and try not to talk your self out of it.  i feel like i’m getting good at giving things the room to become what they’re becoming.

not only is it fun to force a context on things, it can help to keep you in a state of dis______, which is kinda the goal right?  it is for me anyway.

make any sense?  i think i’m rambling so…
let’s see what the Magic 8-Ball Jukebox has to say about it.
type in the word room and here’s the mix:
  1. in my room – beach boys
  2. white room – cream
  3. waiting room – fugazi
  4. candys room – lifter puller
  5. two people in a room – wire
  6. gatekeeper (one hour one room mix) – feist
  7. small rooms – papas fritas
  8. the colony room – the sea and cake
  9. this room – the notwist
  10. the room got heavey – yo la tengo
  11. guest room – the national
  12. in my room – the blow
  13. in gary’s room – lucky dragons
i removed the following albums with the word room in the title for balance in the mix: 
  1. songs from a room – leanord cohen
  2. he has left us alone but shafts of light sometimes grace the corner of our rooms – a silver mt zion
  3. from our living room to yours – american analog set.
i think it’s going to be a pretty good weekend.
posted by matt