cheryl dunn
even though it happens to me every couple of months lately, it still feels fluke-ish and kinda cool when it does.  someone i know or knew, or was connected with, close or far away, will just start showing up on my radar… a lot.  someone who i haven’t thought of for a while.  and then, they just start showing up everywhere i look.  then i email them or call, we reconnect, say hi, catch up a bit and… i don’t know….maybe it all starts over again.  and maybe this has always been happening to me and it just feels different when it’s all out on the interwebs.
this recent one was fun, the photographer and filmmaker cheryl dunn.

cheryl dunn
way back in 1994 i was in a band (yep that’s me in front) that needed press photos. so, after looking through tons of photographers’ portfolios, we chose her.  our label hired her, flew her here, and we all walked around for a couple days taking photos.  i can’t even remember anymore why out of all the rolls of film she shot, the one in the link was chosen, but…  she was super cool and it was a blast.  then, like most things, it slowly kind of slid off into the memories, replaced by new ones.
i was always somewhat aware that she was doing cool work and i’d see her name in thingslike paper magazine and stuff, but for the most part, she’s been kind of off my radar since the mid 90s.  i wish i’d been paying better attention; i’m super inspired by all the great work she’s done.  stunning.

cheryl dunn

she’s been taking amazing photographs with, for, and of the underground art scene for a long time and that’s the stuff i keep bumping into lately.  her work is an urban documentary…very much alive.  it can be unsettling, haunted, and ultimately on some level, it’s all very beautiful and true. 

she has a new book out called “some kinda vocation” and  you should buy it, obviously, right away.  it also comes with a short film that’s worth the price alone.

here’s a cool review of it in paper magazine.

i mean if the artist chris johanson reads it…
                                                                         cheryl dunn / anp

and yeah… so she just started turning up everywhere i looked.  like the above photo from a film/photography project she’s working on that she wrote about(pdf) in a recent issue of anp quarterly, an art magazine put out by a few  of the  people she’s been shooting and creatively involved with over the years.  
and so many other places… too many to list.  i’d say i was seeing her name about twice a week and then finally, this email from artkrush came, a plug for this show at fuse gallery that just closed … and there she was again.

cheryl dunn
and when this kind of thing happens, my belief is, the universe is pushing me towards something…and i feel it’s my duty to push back.  so i did what you do; i dropped her a line, we traded some email and we agreed to keep each other updated on what’s up.
and so i wanted to push my cheryl dunn story out into the world.
  the increasingly infamous dash snow on the right                                                   cheryl dunn

cheryl dunn

i love to think that all these things we do, all these people we connect with, are out there, inspiring, looking, wandering, pushing towards something and that eventually, we all may collide again.  
we should all just push a little.  
someone cheryl has worked with a lot said it it well.
“your ship will never come in, unless you send it out” – ed templeton
at least i think he said that.
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