i love blueberries…

below is a super cool new solar panel. the folks at the Nanomaterials Research Centre at Massey University in New Zealand have developed synthetic dyes that can be used to generate electricity at one tenth of the cost of current silicon-based solar panels. beyond that, it looks great.


there are so many cool green things happening now it’s almost hard to keep up with. it reminds me a bit of the whole tech boom a few years back when almost everyday there was a new killer app. 
whenever the big picture paradigm shifts, this process seems to happen. going back to the early days of the auto you see this pattern, where at the very start, there were 3000 car manufacturers, a couple years later there were 10.
here’s a great example of the paradigm shifting green:
i started writing this post late last night. a friend sent me the link to metaefficient the day before thinking i’d like the solar panels. this morning i check metaefficient, and there is already a new, possibly better solar dye made from blueberries being announced by italian researchers.
i love blueberries.

i see something new that blows me away on one of the many green blogs out there pretty much everyday.

via tom elko at sky blue waters
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